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       Paver machine TPJ-2.5 is a paving equipment for synthetic athletic running track and kinds of sports fields' rubber elastic layer. This equipment uses Siemens frequency conversion Infinity Speed Regulation drive and electric hydraulic lifting device, vibration plate through the digital temperature control automatic adjustment device to ensure that the vibration plate temperature unchanged in the work, which highlights the automation function it lays. The machine has the characteristics of simple operation, smooth and flexible laying, high efficiency, safe and reliable hydraulic lifting of the machine, and its performance meets the requirements of the pavement of the sports fields.

Main technical data
Paving Width:  2500mm
Moving Speed:  0.8-6m/min
Paving Capability:  500m2/h
Power:  8kw
Adjusted data of hydraulic pressure system:8Mpa
Adjusted temperature for electric board:  90℃
Machine Weight:  900kg
Appearance measurement:  3000×1800×720mm
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